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Englefield Countryside Day

Years 3 and 4 had a really enjoyable and educational time at the Englefield Countryside Day. 

We started with a tour of Englefield House and heard fascinating stories about some of the artwork. Next we found out about bats and how we can all help to look after these important creatures by having bat-friendly gardens. Rev Julia took us through a baptism and marriage in the church to demonstrate the importance of community - we were also treated to a drink and a biscuit! Before lunch, we visited the walled garden to find out how to make good compost and we had a tour of the current fruit and veg being grown...the peaches looked delicious!

After lunch, we helped to build a 'leaky dam' with the Pangbourne Flood Group after finding out the importance of slowing down the flow of some local rivers. We then heard from the Englefield carpenters how wax can help a screw go in more easily. Finally we enjoyed a fascinating talk about bees and managed to spot some new bees emerging from their casing.

All in all a great day. Thank you Englefield Estate!