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Vision and Values

‘Creating, inspiring and achieving’

Mission Statement 

We aim to create a foundation of learning and self-confidence in every child by providing a welcoming, happy and supportive environment in which Christian values are central to the ethos of the School. It is through these values that we encourage concern and care for all members of the School community and beyond. We aim to build links between the School, the family, the parishes and local community and to encourage respect for the countryside and environment in which Englefield School is situated. In providing an awareness of, and experience in, the Christian faith we aim to cultivate the foundations of mutual respect and responsibility and promote equality of opportunity.


Our Values

Love is at the centre of all we do at Englefield and this is reflected in our values:


Love of God

We show our love of God through the values of faithfulness, open-mindedness, spirituality, trust and reflection.


Love of Others

We show our love of others through the values of respect, forgiveness, compassion, empathy and cooperation.


Love of God’s World

We show our love of God’s world through worship and the values of thankfulness, fellowship, courageous advocacy, justice, and responsibility.


Love of Myself

We show our love for ourselves through the values of self-worth, confidence, independence, integrity and resilience.


Love of Life

We show our love of life through the values of passion, joy, appreciation, hope and peace.


We aim to:

Enable children to develop their intellectual, social, physical, moral and spiritual capabilities to their best potential.

Equip pupils with a sense of self-esteem, personal confidence, cultural awareness and respect for others.

Provide a daily act of collective worship.

Prepare children for the responsibilities and opportunities that arise throughout life.

Deploy our resources to provide the best possible education for our pupils.




For the children and the whole school community at Englefield to:


Show God's love, respect and care for others and the world around you.

Have wisdom, courage, integrity and enthusiasm for life.

Believe in what you can achieve and aim high.

Go forward with hope and confidence to embrace your future.

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