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Out of Hours Care

For many families the timing of the school day doesn't quite fit with working hours and juggling care for children before and after school can be challenging.  We are pleased to offer the opportunity for children to come in to school earlier or go home later - our aim is to provide a safe, happy environment for children to start their school day or to relax at the end of the school.  Parents can feel confident that their children are being cared for in a safe and secure environment by school staff who know their children well. 


Our Out of Hours Clubs are known as Early Birds and Barn Owls and are run by our Teaching Assistants.  For full information on how our clubs are run please download our information leaflet.


Payment is a week in advance, some parents opt to pay for a term in advance.  Payment can be made by cash, cheque, directly into our account or childcare vouchers.  We are registered with a number of voucher providers - please let the school office know which childcare voucher scheme you use.

Early Birds 8am - 8.45 am

Children will be provided with a breakfast - choice of cereal plus toast, milk, fruit juice or water.

After breakfast they can play games, do puzzles, draw or read.  At 8.30 KS2 children can go out to the playground, at 8.45 all children will be taken to their classrooms


The cost for each session is £3.50.

Barn Owls 3.30 - 6pm

Children are collected from class at 3.30 pm.  They will be registered and then depending on the weather they will be supervised playing outside or can choose from a range of play activities.  Children are provided with a cold tea such as sandwiches, wraps, bagels with a choice of fillings, accompanied by salad and fruit.


Barn Owls is £11 per session irrespective of whether a child stays for the full 2.5 hours session or leaves slightly earlier.