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School Council

Our school council is made up of 2 pupils from each year group giving a total of 14 pupils. They have an important role to play in school, giving the pupils a voice and ensuring they are involved in decision-making across the school. Previous councils have been responsible for introducing Pebbles, our pet tortoise, to the school, for getting our new cookery area built and for introducing some new clubs to our extra-curricular provision.

We look forward to seeing what this year's school councillors will do!

Our School Councillors 2019 - 20

Projects for 2019/20

Last year we worked on the following projects which came from pupil suggestions:


1. Enrichment: survey the pupils to check whether the extra-curricular activities we provide are suitable and to get

   suggestions for changes that might encourage more participation, especially in physical activities.


2. Curriculum: increase the number of times that Outdoor Learning is incorporated into our KS2 curriculum plans.


3. Playground: find a suitable location for a quiet area and find seating etc. to make it attractive to pupils.


4. Community: find a charity that supports children in another country that will give us a positive focus for fund-raising as

    well as an opportunity to build relationships with a different community.


Owing to Covid-19, not all projects were completed.