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Endure 24

Sixteen parents and staff entered Endure 24 on the weekend of 13-14 June. Endure 24 is a 24 hour relay race where each team of 7/8  was required to run the five mile loop through the woods continuously for 24 hours!
The teams were the Englefield Hares and the Englefield Tortoises. 
In the hare team we had  Fiona Joyce, Geoff Smith, Anna Campbell, Andy Hartley, Mark Ambrose, Anthony Hough and Ellie Helme.
In the tortoise team we had Mike Helme, Katie Abbott, Pete Howe, Richard Kirby, Charlie Hartley, Nick Pullen, Naomi Whitmore and  Nicky Rodriguez. 
We had an amazing 24 hours with a truly wonderful and inspiring team of people. Every single one of us pushed ourselves to the max, using sheer grit and determination. It was a very difficult course and the lack of sleep and night time runs, with headtorches, certainly added to the challenge!
The Englefield Hares and Tortoises were placed 43rd and 152nd out of 159 teams in our category. A stirling effort by both teams. 
Thank you so much to everyone for taking part and to all of you that sponsored us so generously. We have raised approximately £2500 so far from this event. Our goal was £3000 so if you haven't sponsored us yet there is still time to reach our target!