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Climate Summit

Four of our Year 5/6 pupils joined six other schools at the 'There is Only One Earth Climate Summit' organised by St Edward's Prep School. Each team had to present an idea which they would be promoting in their own schools to tackle the climate crisis.

Will and Pharrell prepared a presentation about eco-lunches. They hope to provide information to parents on how to create packed lunches that are more nutritious, more environmentally friendly and also cheaper.

Lily and Sophie's idea involved developing an Englefield Primary School copse on Englefield Estate land. Each year group will plant a tree when they join the school as a legacy for future generations. 

Alok Sharma MP spoke to all the participants about their ideas. As he has a personal connection with Lord Benyon, he copied the letter from Lily and Sophie asking for a site on the Englefield Estate and promptly sent it straight to him!

The event was brilliantly organised and we were so proud of our four activists. Now we look forward to the whole school joining in with their ideas.

A huge thank you to Mrs Read and Mrs Hooper who accompanied the children.