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A Trip to the Rainforest

On Tuesday 6th June, FS2, Year1 and 2 went to the Living Rainforest for the day. As part of the day, the children had the chance to take part in an excellent workshop and tour lead by a Rainforest Expert, who explained in detail how the plants and animals are adapted to live in the rainforest environment. The children spent the rest of the day exploring further the plants and animals that had been pointed out on their tour. 


Here's what FS2 really liked:


Matilda " I liked the stick insects because they can grow an extra leg!"

Jessica "I liked the emerald tree python because it has a pattern on its back". 

Eoin "I liked the snake best because it is green and hides in the leaves".

Oscar "I liked the leaf insects best because they were so well camouflaged".