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Year 5 and Year 6

Happy home learning to you all as we continue into our summer term.


Welcome to year 5 and year 6.


Pease read on to help with learning at home.


During your learning at home please continue to keep a daily diary - neatly presented. This will be a super record of this unique moment in time. (Drawings could be included.) Record your feelings, events and ways you are spending your time, as well as any learning you are doing.


Daily reading and timetables recall should play a part of your timetabled day.


This term our topic is Ancient Greece. This is a fascinating area of learning and we will largely cover aspects of history within this topic. Researching online aspects of particular interest make for fascinating learning as this topic progresses through ther term. You might like to research: homes and how they were built, the food aten, clothing and pastimes.


Keeping informed by watching the news will reinforce geographical knowledge.


During this period of home learning P.E. should be part of your daily routine - increasing  your heart rate with a daily walk of at least half an hour would be a good baseline but skipping or kicking a football, cycling or running would of course benefit everyone.


The task board of activities will remain here in case any of you would like it. Please scroll down if you need some website suggestions for more learning.


You will have an email link to me which I will do my best to respond to you regularly but only during school hours.


Thank you


Serena Watts and Sarah Kelley

Task board of activities

Home learning websites

Stone Age to Iron Age

Websites for timestables practise at home

A Few Reminders

P.E. kit should be brought to school each Monday and be taken home each Friday. This means that P.E. kit is in school every day. Timetabled P.E. in Year 5 & 6 is on Monday and Tuesday but this is subject to change due to factors such as the weather, visits by external sports specialists and upcoming competitions.


The correct P.E. kit is:

a school games polo shirt; navy blue shorts; trainers for outdoor games. ( Girls - remember to pack a pair of socks when you mare wearing tights.)

Tracksuit bottoms and top, preferably in plain dark colours (for cold weather only).

Stay safe on the internet

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