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Year 1 and Year 2

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Spring turns into Summer

Our term begins with warm weather and the excitement of chicks! The children have returned with more energy and many questions to get our new topic started and a collection of eggs to observe.


Our topic is called 'Rainforests' and will continue until the end of the Summer Term. We chose this topic because Year 1 and 2 love learning about animals, plants and places - they cheered when they found out what the topic was!


If your child has any ideas for our new topic, they can put them in our treasure chest. Our webpage is for sharing all the exciting things we could learn in our class as well as giving you and your family hints and tips to help support and extend your learning at home. 


Please remember Active Learn Maths. There are more activities available to you. This is an excellent Maths website you can use to play maths games at home. Why not test your family? You also have a Maths Pack for playing maths games together at home. If you run out of games ideas, please see the section on Maths Games.


If you're looking for different books to read, see how many stories, poems and information books you can read about the rainforest. Why not visit our school or local library?


Woodland Learning will continue on a Friday afternoon with a mixture of learning out on the Englefield Estate, in the pond area, class garden, Super Spot and Cookery Room. If your family would like to help with Woodland Learning, speak to Mrs Hooper. Please make sure you have a change of clothes just right for staying warm/keeping cool and possibly getting muddy.


P.E will still be on Mondays with Mr Chard (games outside) and with Mrs Carney on a Wednesday (gym in the hall). Please bring your PE kit into school on a Monday and take it home for washing on a Friday. In order for your child to use the wall bars they must have shorts and a t shirt. Please make sure all your child's belongings are named, including their indoor and outdoor shoes.


Thank-you for your support,

Mrs Carney, Mrs Newsome, Mrs Harwood and Mrs Hough


Here is what we have to learn:

Our Week

Our Shared Learning Activities

Reading Lists

We love you to read anything and everything. Reading feeds your mind! The following list is merely a guide for families to help with choosing books from school, your local library or to have at home.