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Parents Forum

Friday 9th November 2018


We have a Parents Forum this Friday after celebration assembly. I would really like to discuss ways that we can support you in developing your children's independence.


"One of the key skills for life that we want to empower our children with in the early years is independence, both in relation to their actions and their thinking. To become independent, children have to be confident in their own abilities otherwise they will remain over-reliant on the support of other adults or their more confident peers. Their confidence grows through opportunities to try new things in a safe and supportive environment with lots of positive reinforcement for their success and strategies to support any failures they may have along the way. Young children are on the whole very resourceful and very resilient, and when left to their own devices or given opportunities to be independent they can often surprise us."

Alistair Bryce-Clegg is an educational consultant specialising in early years education.


This discussion will include reference to the walking bus and the new arrangements for FS2 in the morning. If you are unable to attend but have any views on either of these or wish to share any further ideas or thoughts, please email the school office and we will include these in our discussion.