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Englefield Primary PE Grant

How we use our PE Grant at Englefield Primary



In 2015/16 our sports premium grant will be £8500

The majority of the grant £6890 will be spent on 'Get Active' sports coaching for children including provision for the coaches to work alongside teachers with the aim of delivering excellent provision for sports across all year groups.

£350 has been spent on an Archery activity day

The remaining funds will be used to increase our participation at local competitive events and to fund resourcing of the subject and CPD.




In 2014/15 our school had a budget of £9120 (£622 carry forward + £8500 annual grant) to support the delivery of PE at Englefield.  Our PE Coordinator carried out an audit in order to identify particular areas that would benefit from further funding.   Our overarching aim is for our pupils to have a broad range of experiences and leave our school having become sufficiently interested in sport to want to follow it up outside of school to help them follow a healthy lifestyle. 


Affiliation to the West Berkshire Sports Network


Taster Days


Training:    Our curriculum provision required improvement in basic skills.  Staff are receiving training to deliver the REAL PE Curriculum which focusses on Agility, Balance & Coordination.


Competitions:    Our pupils have the opportunity to participate in a range of inter-school competitions across a range of sports including sports which aim to attract those children who might otherwise be reluctant to participate in sport. 


Sports Ambassadors:  To encourage peer coaching, some of our Year 6 pupils have taken up the mantel to be role models for younger pupils.  Their main focus is to promote wider participation in sport throughout the school and in order to this they will be coached in this role through the West Berk Schools Sports Network.   Last year our ambassadors led the sports day for the private nursery school in our village.


We have arranged a programme of specialist taster days three times per year to introduce sports such as fencing, gymnastics and golf.  This year we will also be offering handball and multiskills.  Our taster days offer the opportunity for intra-school competition and aim to introduce the idea that sports participation doesn’t always have to be in the traditional sports such as football, netball, rugby, cricket. 



Use of Specialists:


In order to deliver a variety of sports, the school needed a variety of different balls.  We also identified a number of resources for Key Stage 1 that can be used across the curriculum such as numbered foam dice, alphabet foam shapes, etc

All pupils receive 1 hour per week of professional coaching in a selected area of PE.  Staff work alongside professional coaches to develop their own teaching skills




In 2013/14 the focus of our grant was affiliation to the West Berkshire Sports Network and cover to allow teaching staff to attend training.  We also purchased a small amount of resources.