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Englefield Staff

Englefield Staff 1 Mrs Hilary Latimer: Headteacher/Safe-guarding Lead
Englefield Staff 2 Mrs Fiona Carney: KS1 & Deputy Safe-guarding Lead
Englefield Staff 3 Mrs Serena Watts - Year 5&6 and SENCO
Englefield Staff 4 Mrs Julia Sheppard - FS2
Englefield Staff 5 Miss Joanne Stuart - Year 3&4
Englefield Staff 6 Mrs Davina Harwood - LSA
Englefield Staff 7 Mrs Wendy Newsome - LSA & ELSA
Englefield Staff 8 Mrs Sarah Kelley - LSA
Englefield Staff 9 Mrs Nikki Jackson - LSA
Englefield Staff 10 Mrs Joaana Rose - LSA
Englefield Staff 11 Mrs Julia Kidd - Business Manager
Englefield Staff 12 Mrs Claire Bushnell - School Secretary
Englefield Staff 13 Mrs Anita O'Sullivan - School Cook / LSA
Englefield Staff 14 Mrs Linda Burt - Kitchen Assistant





Mrs H Latimer

Senior Teacher

Mrs F Carney
Teaching Staff:  
Foundation / Year 1 Mrs J Sheppard
Years 1 & 2 Mrs F Carney
Years 3 & 4 Mrs J Postles
Years 5 & 6 Mrs S Watts
Learning Support Assistants Mrs W Newsome
  Mrs J Rose
  Mrs D Harwood
  Mrs A O'Sullivan

Mrs N Jackson


Ms S Kelley



Lunchtime Team:  
Cook Supervisor Mrs A O'Sullivan
Kitchen Assistant Mrs L Burt


Lunchtime Staff Mrs W Newsome
  Mrs J Rose
  Mrs D Harwood
  Mrs N Jackson

Ms S Kelley


School Office:  
School Business Manager

Mrs J Kidd

School Secretary Mrs C Bushnell
Clerk to Governors Mrs E Stephenson