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Although we are often oversubscribed in our Foundation Stage from time to time we do have spaces that become available in other year groups. This can be for instance if a family relocates.  Since September 2017 we have admitted 9 children to various age groups across the school, from all criteria within our admissions policy.  If you would like to enquire about whether we have any current spaces or put your name on a waiting list please call the school office on 01189302337.




Admissions Policy 2019/20 onwards


The governing body consulted with other interested parties in autumn 2017 to change the school's admissions policy to bring it into line with the policy as recommended by the Oxford Diocese.  No comments or objections were received by the closing date and no objections were received by the Schools Adjudicator.  The school's new policy is available for viewing in the documents section below.  

Admissions Policy

As a Voluntary Aided school, our Governing Body is responsible for deciding admissions.  We work closely with West Berkshire Local Authority to coordinate admissions, details of how to apply are available on the West Berkshire website,  This explains how parents can express a preference for a school and give reasons for that preference.


Englefield is a popular and regularly oversubscribed school.  We have agreed criteria for deciding applications when we are oversubscribed.  For full details on our Admissions Policy please see the downloads section on this page. 


How to apply for a place at our school

Applications for entry must be made on the common application form of the local authority where the parent lives at the time of the application (i.e. your home LA), which may of may not be West Berkshire.  Parents living in West Berkshire should apply either on-line via the West Berkshire website or on the West Berkshire common application form. 


We admit pupils at a single point of entry at the beginning of the academic year in September for children whose 5th birthday falls between 1st September – 31st August.  Places are offered on a full time basis, but parents can request for their children to attend part time until they reach 5 yrs old.  Parents also have the option to defer entry if they feel their child is not yet ready for school.  If parents are considering either of these options they must discuss it with the school first once their child has been allocated a place. 


Applications for places outside the normal admissions round, for example if you have are moving into the area and your child is already at school or you want to move your child, any such applications should be made directly to the school.



Timetable for admissions:



Academic year 2019/20

(children whose 5th birthday falls between 1/9/19 – 31/8/20)

Academic Year 2020/21

(children whose 5th birthday falls between 1/9/20 – 31/8/21)

Closing date for applications


15 January 2019

15 January 2020

Offers and refusals letters issued to parents

16 April 2019

16 April 2020

Parents acceptance of offer slips to be returned to schools by

4th  May 2019

4th May 2020

Closing date for appeals




Appeals will be heard between




Late applications:

Applications received after the closing date are classed as “Late”. They are not considered until after the Local Authority has processed the applications that were sent in before the closing date.  The deadline for receipt of any late application appeals is 20 days after the receipt of the refusal letter.  Appeals will be heard within 40 school days of the deadline to lodge an appeal. 


No places will be allocated to children from waiting lists until after all acceptances have been returned.